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Custom Shape Orders

Paper Template Service Now Available

Call: 01754 763457 9am-5pm Monday to Friday
Email: [email protected]

Create Your Custom Mat Shape Using Pen & Paper

As long as we have the exact shape you require, we're then able to make an exact copy in any material offered on our website.

There would be no extra charge for preparing your shape, the cost of the mat(s) will be calculated by the amount of material required to complete the job.

Simply post your 1:1 scale paper template to us, along with your contact details, we'll then contact you upon receipt to discuss your options and give you a quote.

Although we specialise in car mats we also have facilities to manufacture:

  • Boot Mats
  • Boat Mats
  • Caravan Mats
  • Door Mats
  • Horse Boxes Mats
  • Helicopter Mats

Please send your template and contact details to:

Unique Car Mats (UK) Ltd
Unit 2, Hassall Road
Skegness Industrial Estate
PE25 3TB

Please remember when creating your template to clearly mark on the paper any important part details such as vehicle make, model and year including vehicle registration. It's also recommended that you supply any details regarding fixing points, marking clearly where they need to be located, size and type. For example, 2 x Push n Click Fixings on the Driver.

If you're supplying a custom template for something other than a standard motor vehicle, for example a boat, we do not require information on fixtures unless they're required.

For a faster service, include a cover letter stating your full address, telephone number and your specific requirements. A member of staff will then contact you on it's arrival who will discuss possible options and prices.