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Platinum Guaratee

Our Platinum Guarantee has been updated.

What the Lifetime Guarantee Covers:

For as long as you own the vehicle you have purchased the tailored car mat set for, we will replace any mat which is damaged beyond repair. Yes that's right, if you wear any of the mats purchased beyond repair, we will replace it. If the mat is repairable, we may collect the mat from you to repair, all we ask is you cover the sending fee of £4.99.

How do I claim?

Simply contact us via email [email protected] or phone 01754 613974 9am to 5pm to start the claims process.

General Wear and Tear?

In some cases we may advise for you to continue using the mat until it's the condition meets our general wear and tear criteria.

Mat Life Expectancy

Car mats are designed to wear over time, and your Platinum Car Mats will do exactly that. The added bonus is when they do wear to an unacceptable condition, we will replace or repair your mat, all we ask is you cover the sending fee of £4.99. We estimate your Platinum Car Mats will outlast the time of you owning the vehicle (generally between 5 to 7 years).

Can I claim when I change cars?

We're afraid not, but nice try! When you do purchase a new vehicle, you will no doubt need new car mats, in these cases you will need to purchase a brand new set at the displayed retail price.

In Which Cases is The Warranty Not Provided?

Fair usage. We may reject your claim if we see evidence of deliberate damage such as forced holes, torn bindings etc especially if your claim is within a short space of time of you purchasing the car mat set.

What's The Catch?

The Lifetime guarantee covers you for as long as you own the vehicle, so if you own your car for 5 years, 10 or more, you're covered.

Can I Have a Refund Instead of a Replacement?

Unfortunately not, we are happy to replace your car mats under the conditions of your warranty but under no circumstances do we refund or partially refund your purchase.

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